Crochet Fairy Doll Sylphide With A Fairytale

Sylphide the Fairy Doll

Who Is Sylphide?

Sylphide is a crocheted winged fairy doll with a crown and a magic wand that will tell a fairy tale to your favourite girl. Along with her wings, Sylphide got special magic power – she can make good wishes come true.

This special occasion gift certainly won’t leave your exceptional girl without an impression. Adventures and obstacles that Sylphide needs to overcome, and which she tells you about in her fairy tale, are sure to fire every child’s imagination.

Who is the Doll Intended for?

This little doll is intended for 4 to 8-year-old girls who have adventurous spirit, and love listening to stories. The winged fairy with a head wreath, crown, and a magic wand can be ordered together with the book in A5 format. The book is printed fully in colour with illustrations. It is a fairy tale, colouring book and picture book in one.

Since the doll is available with or without the book, Sylphide is a perfect interior doll for all of you big girls who like to have this kind of decoration on your shelves, as well as for moms with babies who love to decorate their nursery.

The Fairy Tale

The book titled “Sylphide and the Elf with a Flute” is a picture book, a fairy tale and a colouring book in one. The fairy tale is a personalized story in a way that Sylphide the Fairy addresses every individual girl by her first name. The book is in A5 format, printed fully in colour, on good quality paper and with hard covers. The book has plenty of illustrations in colour as well as drawings for the child to colour them if she/he wants. Like any other fairy tale, Sylphide’s tale has a moral and 3 obstacles that she needs to overcome to become a good, virtuous fairy.

Dolls With A Fairy Tale

The newest collection of  crocheted winged fairy dolls represents a unique special occasion gift for your children or for adults who like decor dolls

Doll Collection


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