Crochet Fiscardo Patchwork Hat

Fiscardo Patchwork Hat


In this post you read about how to crochet the basic motif for the Fiscardo Patchwork Hat. The description for making this summer hat in the post is very basic and it gives general directions. It is intended for more experienced crocheters, as well as those of you who like to experiment with their knowledge and skills. If you want to have detailed instructions, you can purchase the pattern in my Ravelry and Love Crafts stores at a price of EUR 5.00.

level - Intermediate

To make this hat, you need to have solid knowledge in crochet. The stitches you should be familiar with are chain, slip stitch, single crrochet and double crochet.


  • 220 gr of cotton yarn for hook No. 3.5
  • Hook No. 3.5
  • Scissors
  • Sugar and water for starching
  • Spray bottle


The idea for the hat came to me through the Internet, with warm autumn colours. My hat, however, is in the shades of the sea, ebony, and marble – turquoise and dark brown on the white background. Since I couldn’t find any instructions for it, I modeled the hat and wrote instructions by myself.

Original model

general description of completing the hat

1. The Motif

The first step is choosing the motif you want for your hat. In my detailed written instructions, which can be purchased on the link below, for the main motif I chose Willow Square which I found on the Internet. For head circumference 55-56 cm / 21.6-22 in. For the hat crown you will need 4, and for the brim – 6 square motifs.

2. The Crown

4 motifs for the crown are assembled together to form a tube with back loop slip stitches. Next, the top of the crown is crocheted from the outside inwards by decreasing the number of stitches evenly.

3. The Brim

Before attaching the 6 brim motifs, 2 rounds of single crochet are worked on the bottom edge of the crown. The first round is worked without increasing, while the 2nd round is completed by doubling every 2nd stitch. In the next round the 6 remaining square motifs are attached to the crown.

4. Filling in Spaces Between Motifs in the Brim

Each space between the motifs is filled in by working short rows. This is achieved by crocheting several stitches together in corners.

5. Firming the Brim and Starching the Hat

The last round of the brim is crocheted over a double folded piece of wire. This makes the hat brim firm but at the same time flexible so as to shape it as desired. After finishing the hat, it is starched with a mix of water and sugar – 2 parts of water and 1 part sugar. The hat is either soaked in this mixture or sprayed with it by using a spray bottle. The hat is placed on a mould and left to dry completely in the shade. For the mould you can use a flower pot.

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