Yannah and the Stolen Wings

Yannah The Painting Fairy

Yannah is a crocheted winged fairy doll that will tell a fairy tale to your favourite girl. Yannah has special magic power – she can turn any picture into reality. This little doll is intended for 4 to 7-year-old girls who have adventure spirit, and love listening to stories.
The doll with a crown, bell and magic painting brush, tells her story in a book, which is a part of this set. The book is a fairy tale, picture book and colouring book in one.

What the Fairy is Made of

Yannah is made from fine white acrylic yarn, in white and apricot colours. It is stuffed with anti allergic silicone fibers, and has embroidered eyes, nose and lips. The hair, made from brown thread, forms curls.


Yannah is about 18 cm tall, and weighs 50 gr

The crown is made from white and gold yarn. With her Yannah carries a metal bell and a wooden painting brush.


Doll and fairy tale book in decorative packaging 45 EUR