Crochet Teddy Bear Theo

Theo the Teddy Bear

Why the Name Theo?

Theo, shortened from Theodore, is a Greek name which means “a gift from God”. Just like your precious child who is a true God’s gift, there is no better name for kid’s dearest toy, which is most often a teddy bear.

Theo is a special occasion present for your exceptional boy or girl who need to feel safe, to play and cuddle with a true friend.

Who is Theo the Bear Intended for?

Theo the Bear is intended for 2 to 5-year-old boys and girls who love soft toys. It is commonly known that young children feel safer and happier when they carry around their favourite teddy or bunny.

If you have a newborn, Theo is a perfect interior doll for all moms and dads with small babies who love to decorate their nursery rooms.


Teddy Bear Theo is made from fine cream acrylic yarn which has sprinkles of brown and orange, while the muzzle and feet are in pink. It is stuffed with anti allergic silicone fibers, and has embroidered eyes and nose. The bear can be made in colours of your choice if they are available at the moment of placing your order. Around his neck, Theo has a satin ribbon tied in a bow.


Theo the Bear is about 25 cm / 10'' tall, and weighs about 70 gr / 2.5 Ounces

Packaging and Shipment

The teddy bear is packed in a decorative hard box. On the territory of Republic of Serbia the package is sent by Post Express and shipping is free of charge.


Theo the Teddy BearEUR 23,80

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