Crochet doll shoes – Instructions

Crochet doll shoes - Instructions


Just like any other real girl,  apart from her nice clothes, Violet the doll also needs to have matching shoes.

I found many beautiful ideas for crocheted footwear for dolls on the Internet, but the specific shape of her feet urged me to come up with a unique design of shoes for Vicky. That’s where this short tutorial emerged from.


Foot length – 4.5 cm / 1.7 in

Foot width – 3.5 cm / 1.3 in

Shoe height – 3 cm / 1.1 in

level - basic

To crochet these shoes, you only need the basic level of crochet knowledge. The stitches used are single crochet. The shoes are worked in rounds, spirally, i.e. without slip stitches at the end of each round.

The finishing touch is embroidering around the soles with a blanket stitch. Tied to the front are bows imitating shoe laces.


    • About 15-20 gr of yarn for hook No.2
    • Hook No.2
    • Scissors
    • Yarn sewing needle
    • Crochet marker
    • A piece of thick cardboard for making the soles firm (optional)

st(s) – stitch(es)

sc – single crochet



Work the shoes spirally, which means without joining at the end of each round, so that there is no seam visible.

Begin with chain 6. Place a marker in the last st.

Rnd 1 – 1sc In 2nd st from hook, 3sc, 3sc in next st, 4sc along the other side of chain 6, 3sc in st with the marker. (=14 sts)

Rnd 2 – 4sc, (2sc in next st)3x, 4sc, (2sc in next st)3x. (= 20sts)

Rnd 3 – 4sc, (2sc in next st)6x, 4sc, (2sc next st)6x. (= 32sts)

From rnd 4 to 9 – without increasing = 1sc in each st across (= 32sts)

Rnd 10 – 8sc, (2sc together)2x (= heel), 8sc, (2sc together)6x (= toes). (= 24sts)

Rnd 11 – 1sc in each st across (= 24sts)

Rnd 12 – 8sc, 2sc together, 8sc, (2sc together)3x. (= 20sts)

Rnd 13 – 1sc in each st across (= 20p)

Cut off yarn, weave in ends. Work the other shoe in the same way.

Symbols on the Diagram



Using yarn sewing needle and contrasting yarn, embroider the bottom of each shoe with a blanket stitch, starting from the heel.

In each shoe at the front insert a double piece of  yarn and tie a bow.

Draw 2 oval pieces from the cardboard by tracing the shape around the shoe using a pencil. Make sure you cut each piece a bit smaller than the shoe sole itself so that they can easily fit inside. This step will make the shoes firmer, as the soles get to be flat, so the doll will be more stable standing on its feet.

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