Origami Knitted Home Booties

"Origami" knitted home booties with pom-pom

These knitted home booties for children and adults are made using 2 knitting needles, and the size is very easily adjustable to any foot.

The booties are knitted on 2 needles with turns. All rows are worked in knit stitches, but if you prefer stockinette stitch, you can knit on the right side and purl on the wrong side.


To make these home booties, you will need basic knowledge of knitting skills. Stitches used in this pattern are knit stitches, and the instructions also presume that you are familiar with increasing and decreasing methods.


  • About 1 ball of yarn (100 gr) for needles 4 mm (UK size 8 / US size 6)
  • Knitting needles 4 mm (UK size 8 / US size 6)
  • Crochet hook 4 mm (US size G/6) – optional
  • Yarn needle


“Origami” booties can be made for children as well as for adults since the written instructions below are adjustable for all sizes. The best option is to measure the foot length and then subtract 1-2 cm / 2.5 – 5 in. If you can’t measure the foot, use the chart information given at the end of this post.


st(s) – stitch(es)

K – knit

inc – increase

dec – decrease



Start from the toes (mark X on Diagram 1). As Diagram 1 shows, the sides of the square a should be equal to the foot length. Line c is placed at the half of the square side, and it is the folding line of the upper edge of the booty. 

Diagram 1

Calculating the number of stitches for toes

The width marked with X (toes) is supposed to be about 10cm for a female foot, and 12cm for the male foot. When the booty is folded, we get half of that measurement. To calculate the number of stitches, knit a swatch piece. On the swatch measure 10 (12)cm and count the number of stitches on that length. This will be the number of stitches to begin with. For children’s booties, you can start with 10 sts.

Knitting the booty

Cast on the needed number of sts as explained above.

Row 1 – work all K sts. Turn.

Row 2 – Inc 1, K to the end of row. Turn.

Repeat row 2 until the side marked with a (i.e. from X to b) measures the foot length. This length can be 1-2 cm shorter than the foot because knits always stretch a bit when worn.

From this point on continue with decreases – at the beginning of each row dec 1, then K to the end of row. Knit the piece until there are 3 sts left. Cast off all sts in one row. Cut yarn, weave in end. The photo below shows the look of a finished booty.

Tip – work inc and dec after the 1st K st. That way you will have a neat edge.


Fold the piece in half vertically, as shown in Diagram 2 – sides a should be lined up.

Sew sides a along the red line, but leave the part marked with X unsewn for now. Then sew the sides between lines b and c. Cut off yarn and weave in end. Next, squish the booty to be flat so that the seam lies in the middle. Now sew the opening X at the toes. Turn the booty inside out, fold the little unsewn triangle along side c.

Diagram 2


If you want, you can do 1 round of half double crochet around the upper booty edge using a crochet hook.

Make a pom-pom and sew it onto the tip of the folded part.

Make the other booty in the same way.

Chart showing shoe sizes for children and teenagers

Chart showing shoe sizes for adults in cm. 

Crochet Origami Booties

Crochet Origami Booties


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