Sew Doll Vicky


Who Is Violet?

Violet is a sewn hand-made doll who loves modern hairstyles and casual, chic dresses. Vicky has a kind, cute face, big eyes and she loves to socialize. 

This special occasion gift certainly won’t leave your exceptional girl without an impression.

Who is the Doll Intended for?

This little doll is intended for 4 to 8-year-old girls but there are no age limits whatsovever.

Vicky is certainly a perfect interior doll for all of you big girls who like to have this kind of decoration on your shelves, as well as for moms with babies who would love to decorate their nursery.


Violet is made from cotton fabric in beige colour. It is stuffed with anti allergic silicone fibers, and has embroidered eyes, nose and lips. The hair is made from yarn with 49% wool and 51% acrylic. The dress and jacket are sewn from blend materials.

The doll is soft, without hard parts, and therefore safe for child games.

Doll Collection

The newest collection of  crocheted and sewn dolls represents a unique special occasion gift for your children or for adults who like decor dolls

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