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Pineapple 3 in 1


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Poncho-Skirt-Tablecloth in retro style, so called “Granny’s Tablecloth” was crocheted according to a doily pattern. If you like old-fashion lace, this multipurpose piece, made from a blend yarn, will be a unique fashion detail for special occasions.

More than once have I created certain things which can be worn in different ways, so I’m thinking of introducing a new category – 3 in 1. I simply can’t resist the urge to try out multifunctionality of some types of clothing or accessories, and that’s what makes me – me. So, this project will definitely go into 3 in 1 category.

The initial idea was to crochet a skirt in a beautiful lacy pattern, which I would wear over rich, black tulle lining. Therefore, I decided to search for a doily pattern, and the piece  below caught my eye.

Basically, for this garment you can use any doily pattern that you like.


To make this piece, you will need basic knowledge of crocheting in rounds. Stitches used in this pattern are chain , single and double crochet.


  • About 6 balls of yarn (1 ball = 50 gr) for needles 3 – 4 mm 
  • Crochet hook 3.5 mm
  • Elastic band in the length of your waist circumference and 1.5 cm (0.6 in) wide


Length from waist to hem is 55 cm (21.6 in)


st(s) – stitch(es)

ch – chain

rnd – round

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet


If you want to make a tablecloth, begin from the centre according to Diagram 1 and work to round 45. Then continue from rnd 46 to rnd 90 following Diagram 2.

For the skirt / poncho you will need to have an opening for putting on the garment. To do that I followed Digaram 1 starting from rnd 8. to rnd 41, that is, until I ran out of yarn.

Calculating the number of stitches for initial chan

Considering the fact that the skirt will have elastic band at the waist, it means you will be putting it on by pulling it over your hips, or over your head. For that you’ll need to calculate the number of stitches for the initial chain whose length will be equal to the circumference of your hips or your bust. In case your waist is wider than your other measurements, make the initial chain in the length that will correspond the your waist measure.

After that count the number of stitches on the chain. This number should be close to the number of the first 8-15 rnds on Diagram 1. This pattern has 8 repeats, so it won’t be difficult to count the number of stitches on the diagram.

Naturally, the number of your stitches cannot be exactly the same as the number of stitches on the diagram, but it can be adjusted easily. You’ll do that by taking a round from Diagram 1 which has a little larger number of stitches than your initial chain. Then you will add the remaining stitches to your chain to get the needed number of sts for the chosen round.

Crocheting The Skirt / Poncho

Close the initial chain in a circle by doing a slip stitch in the 1st stitch. Work 3 rnds of double crochet. Later, you’ll be inserting elastic band between these dcs to get the right measurement for the waist. Next, follow Diagram 1 and work until you get desired length.

Diagram 1

Diagram 2


After finishing the work, weave in the end. Spray the whole piece with water and stretch on a flat surface to dry completely. Press over a cotton cloth on mid heat.

Cut off a piece of elastic band and inch or two shorter than your waist measurement. Insert the elastic band in the first round between dcs. Sew the ends of it together by hand. Wear the skirt over a lining in contrasting colour or over a “Tutu” skirt made from tulle. I used this link to make the no sew tutu skirt.

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